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I first used the term 'social usability' as a tag for a blog post I wrote on October 6th 2009 (original here, now moved to my new blog here). At the time I felt that the term 'social usability' resonated with me and reflected my approach to planning and creating digital experiences that people love (and find easy) to use and want to share with others. Planning and creating usable digital experiences that naturally socialise themselves due to popularity and ease of use is the aim of all client work I take on, be that strategy and planning, expert review and feedback or full design/build projects on a variety of digital devices.

So I bought this domain name (registered back on 2nd October 2009) at the time thinking I would use it as the name of my web consultancy business. Now over a year later, the term social usability is being more widely used to describe the process of making social media interations more usable, so I figured I should at least put something up on the domain.

Here's an example of a great article on social usability. It's a Social Usability Checklist and they describe social usability as: "a quality attribute that assesses how easy social interactions are to make".

So, as I suspected, social usability is likely to come to mean something specific to the usability of social media. Personally, I'm sticking with my original, much simplified, meaning of 'the practice of creating online experiences that people love to use and share'.

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I'm a digital consultant working with a mix of clients including early stage start-ups, online travel agents, financial services companies and online retailers. I specialise in online travel user experience, ecommerce startegy, conversion rate enhancement, product planning and marketing.

I specialise in helping organisations get more from their online presence, be that through expert review, advice and recommendation, strategy creation, product planning, online marketing and even full design and development projects. I call on a range of expert contacts to assist me on larger projects and manage the delivery of these for my clients.

I'm especially looking to hear from companies such as travel businesses who want to increase their online conversion rates, financial services companies looking to embrace social media, start-ups seeking advice and help with strategy, planning, hiring and seeking funding and of course anyone needing professional, objective opinion and advice on their online & digital activities.

About Steve Evans

With over 16 years experience working for large online businesses, start-ups and agencies in senior positions I have a wealth of experience to share. I'm always looking for new and interesting opportunities to help organisations make the most of their web and digital initiatives. You can read more about me and get in touch on my website, or follow me on Twitter @steve_e or just e-mail me - steve{AT}